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  • CLCV 116 Exam 2: Catiline’s Conspiracy and Cicero

    What happens to Marcus Licinius Crassus & Pompey after the slave rebels of Spartacus? The year after, they are both elected consuls. Pompey also leads military campaigns in the East and defeats King Mithridates of Pontus in 63 BCE Who was Cicero? He was born in 106, compared to Caesar… VIEW ESSAY

  • Cicero Friendship 4

    Itaque and so, and for that reason civis, civis, c. fellow citizen quam (comparative) than propinquus, -i, m. close relative alienus, -a, -um foreign pario, -ere, peperi, partum give birth to, beget satis enough firmitas, -tatis, f. firmness, permanence praesto, -are, -stiti be more important than (+ dative of reference)… VIEW ESSAY

  • Marcus Tullius Cicero Quiz

    Novus homo meaning New man From the ____ class Equestrian Born in ___ BC in ___ 106, Arpinum Arpinum granted Roman citizenship only ___ years before his birth 80 Marius also a ___ ____ from ____ novus homo, Arpinum Father wants him to be ____ so moves family to ___… VIEW ESSAY

  • Rhetoric–Cicero

    Cicero focuses on invention of rhetoric What does he employ to define arguments in forensic speeches? procedure within rhetorical invention by which one would ask certain questions in order to arrive at the point at issue in the debate What factor is important in forensic speeches? proper formation of the… VIEW ESSAY

  • Latin III Cicero, Pro Caelio, Vocabulary List

    affero, afferre, attuli, adlatum, irr to bring, report arguo, arguere, argui, argutum 3c to declare, show, prove commodo, commodare, commodavi, commodatum to give, supply egregius, egregia, egregium remarkable, outstanding, excellent expono, exponere, exposui, expositum 3c to set out, explain existo, existere, exstiti, exsitum 3c to appear, emerge, stand out fateor,… VIEW ESSAY

  • Cicero’s letters

    Letter 1 Date: 62 BC From Cicero to Pompey Cicero congratulates Pompey on success in Asia Minor but reproaches him about his lack of acknowledgment for Cicero's handling of the catilinarian conspiracy He thinks Pompey and himself should be allies Letter 2 Date: 59 BC From Cicero to Atticus Cicero… VIEW ESSAY

  • Cicero’s letters

    Cicero to Pompey, 62 BC "The reaction has been universally favourable" - asks why Pompey hasn't congratulated him. Cicero's willingness to flatter Pompey and express dependence on him shown 'unremitting effort' in Pompey's interests; ambition to gain Pompey's backing for concordia ordinum, Didn't support Pompey's reasonable demands for ratification of… VIEW ESSAY

  • Public Speaking Chapter 2

    Classical Canons of Rhetoric the five concepts that effective speakers must attend to while preparing a speech, according to Cicero Invention one of the five classical canons of rhetoric, this refers to using a variety of techniques and sources to gather and choose ideas for a speech Arrangement one of… VIEW ESSAY

  • 2 Letters to Cicero

    Gn. Magnus Proconsul Salutem Dicit Ciceroni Imperatori. (Pompi to Cicero) Si vales, bene est. Tuas litteras libenter legi; recognovi enim tuam pristinam virtutem etiam in salute communi. Consules ad eum exercitum venerunt quem in Apulia habui. Magnopere te hortor ut occasionem carpas et te ad nos conferas, ut communi consilia… VIEW ESSAY

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