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Iago Essay Examples

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Othello: A Man of Love and Passion

In this age of epic, fantasy, scientific fictions and other creative stories, people are sometimes bound to forget the best things found in the past, the origin of everything that we are enjoying now. One of the best examples is the literary masterpieces that can be found way back a long time ago. William Shakespeare’s…

Shakespeare’s Plays: Marriage

In William Shakespeare’s plays Macbeth and Othello, he provides two examples of how marriages can exist. In Macbeth, there is great love in the marriage despite the chaotic plot. In Othello, there was great love at first, but that all ended when the chaos was too much to handle. Shakespeare has a brilliant way of…

Themes of Othello

The incompatibility of military heroism and love; the danger of isolation- Othello is the perfect soldier, but his directness means he is unable to understand the subtleties of political life and affairs of the heart. Jealousy Jealousy 1: The play opens with a discussion of jealousy. Iago is upset because Othello selected Michael Cassio as…



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Interracial Marriage in Shakespeare’s Othello

Racial prejudice against the outsiders existed during the Elizabethan Age and Shakespeare attempted to create a parallel world in his tragedy Othello, The Moor of Venice where he captures a wide array of reactions towards a Black Muslim by the white majority Christians in Venice. The racial discrimination has been latent in their minds for…

Othello Essay – Character’s and Their Obesessions

Many characters in Shakespeare’s Othello become obsessed with the current state of a relationship. These obsessions then eventually lead the characters to failure when the obsessions become a goal, instead of something that occupies their mind. The transitions from an obsession to a goal can be seen through the actions of Othello, Iago, and Desdemona….

Why People Love the Villain: A Synthesis Essay

The Joker, Batman’s nemesis, is far from a golden example of good. In fact, he’s more of a madman out to watch the world burn as he causes chaos, which he calls “justice”. And even though he is evil and madness incarnate, there’s still a place for him in people’s minds under the category of…

First Impression of Iago

My first impression of Iago is that he’s a manipulative and hypocritical man who tries to make up for the lack of success and happiness in his life by destroying that of others. In Iago’s first appearance in the play, he’s seen manipulating the wealthy but foolish Roderigo into giving him money. He claims to…

The texts, Othello by William Shakespeare, Big World by Tim Winton

The texts, Othello by William Shakespeare, Big World by Tim Winton and my visual appropriation, have enriched my understanding of the outsider through a variety of language and visual techniques. Through the portrayal of Othello and Roderigo in Othello, the author in Big World and the outsider in my visual appropriation, the authors have conveyed…

A Doll’s House

Have you ever wondered about the obsession to have a perfectly clean house? Some women are immaculate housekeepers, and they have to work continually because no matter how hard they work, the house is made dirty again. Three meals a day keeps the dishes dirty, people coming from outside keeps the carpet dirty, and sleeping…

Significance of Act III in Othello

Act 3 is often called the “temptation scene” as Othello’s trust in Desdemona is seduced away by Iago. It is a pivotal act which builds on previous events and foreshadows future events. The audience can clearly see the development of the character Othello from a calm, noble man to one’s whose jealousy is so strong…


Q: In a tragedy, conflict and suffering draw out the true nature of the chief characters inch by inch (John Russell Brown) –What do we learn in this way about the ‘true nature’ of Othello? Illustrate your points with evidence from the play. Humans are like wet sponges- it takes a squeeze to reveal what…

Othello: Pathos

Shakespeare has used pathos in vast ways to support character development and to build the readers or audiences’ relationship with the characters. Shakespeare makes his readers feel sympathy for certain characters by the way the antagonist treats them. In Othello, Iago used Roderigo, tricked Othello, and mistreated the female characters in the play. Iago helps…

Reputation: Advantage or Disadvantage

Reputation can make or break an individual. It determines how people view one another and it also decides how people treat and react to each other. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the monster, Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth Lavenza face struggles with their reputation and how it defines them. Also, in Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago,…

Imagery in the plays Oedipus Rex and Othello

In any literature, themes and images play an important role in the reader’s understanding of what the literature would be discussing. Some images and symbols have universal meanings and these help readers relate the meaning of these images with the theme of a specific literature (Blue 2001). In many known literature, images and symbols are…

Perhaps Othello

Perhaps Othello cannot be regarded as the greatest of William Shakespeare’s tragedies, but many readers and viewers have found it incredibly exciting, logical, and most intense of all of Shakespeare’s plays. When performed, Othello is implacable in its drive toward tragedy, drawing spectators into the greatly shocking play of a husband quickly pushed to murder…

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